Royal community is looking for temporary royal-mate (August)

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All inclusive (300,-). We share all expenses, cooking and food. In case you would like to borrow my bike I would ask for a deposit - no shit it is my most valuable possession.
- Looking for temporary roommate in August - Sadly enough I, Nicolai, need to go abroad for two weeks in August, so I just extend my stay away and take my vacation. To fill up my vacation account, I offer my room to a nice person who looks for something temporary in August. You can only feel comfortable in this little oasis in the middle of Borgerhout! Together with royal-roommates (btw, all Flemish but me), music-talents and high interest in social-time you have the perfect match for a temporary stay in Antwerp. You have all what you need from bed to bike - very nice and careful people are allowed to borrow my bike - just bring your stuff. I am flexible in case you would like to move in a couple days early or move out a couple days late. We have the right spot and friends to connect you in Antwerp. The place is in the heart of Borgerhout, 10 minutes walking to Centraal. Best supermarket ever across the street, everything you can imagine and ever need walking distance. In case you are interested just drop me an Email and please leave you number - I will call you for a quick chat (I can offer English and German).
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