Room in cosy house with nice roomies

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All inclusive (electricity, water, internet)
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vrijdag, 1 november, 2019
Hello! Are you a friendly social easy-going food-loving person who would love to move into our spectacular home in the Klein Begijnhof in Leuven? Yes? Great, read on! We, Anna, Nikola, Flo (all in our thirties) and from end of November Nikola’s and Flo’s little baby(!) are looking for a new housemate. We enjoy doing things together such as cooking, eating, sports, eating, drinking, eating, … you get the hang of it. Sometimes, we are hosting concerts and barbecues in our garden. We are looking for someone who is not just searching for a room to crash and hide in, but who would be interested in getting to know us and taking care of the house and garden together with us. We like it clean, but we do not have a cleaning fetish. Your room would be 14 m2 and cost 475 EUR / month (bills included). The house is big and there is a lot of extra room to hang out (e.g., a shared living room, a spacious attic, garden, and our “café corner” in the kitchen). If you think that you are the perfect fit, but the rent is too high for you, get in touch with us and let’s discuss it. Unfortunately, due to our contract, you cannot be a student– PhD student or post-doc is okay. You should have the plan to stay with us for at least two years. If you are interested, we would love to hear a bit more about you. Let us know when would like to meet (evenings during the week are great) and have a cup of tea or a beer in front of our cozy fireplace to experience how it is to live in the best place ever.
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Klein Begijnhof