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Looking for a short-term rental in Gent

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Hey everybody!

I am a 24-year old student from the beutiful Freiburg im. Br., in southern Germany.
From September on, I will be studying Soil Sciences in Gent, therefore I recieved an apartment in the studenthousing.

Unfortunately however, the rental period only starts from the 21st September, whereas my studies start on September 6th.

Therefore I am looking for a room within the closer area of Gent (max. 20km away), which I could rent for just the terminated period of about the 1st September until the 21st September. 
If not possible otherwise, I'd also rent a room for the whole September. The maximum rental fee I can afford is 450 Euro/month.

Maybe someone has an empty guest room that he/she would like to rent out for the time. Or because of holidays a room becomes free. 
I would be very happy to hear from you!

Vriendelijke groeten,