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appartment for sale in a participative house in brussels !

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Hello everyone, a new apartment has become available at the Residence
Human'S land
Apartment for rent with possible purchase option in a participative house!
Located in Berchem st Agathe, the greenest commune of Brussels, situated at 3,5 km from the Grand Place, the Human's land residence is a Brussels house, with 5 apartments including the "Common ground" on the... ground floor which offers the possibility of a multipurpose space (coworking, evening, possible shared workshops...).
Inspired by the ImmoSolidair project, ( missterre.org/blog/immosolidair) a participative habitat for tenants, the project is now transiting to the condominium and opens to new partner neighbors! Thus, it is possible to come to the house, to rent, with option to buy, or if really it is the total Match you can already become a co-owner.
The newcomers, Fanny soon to be a co-owner, Andrew "the Maltese guy" freshly installed, the elders of the house, Igor and Sébastien, and Christelle from the ecolieu of Terre Nevez, call you to co-build the Brussels house we want!
At home, everyone is at home and we share some common areas (wifi, laundry room, garage, multipurpose space), in order to reduce costs, we help each other to improve and develop our house, we collaborate both for our private property and for what can be shared. The common ground is open to collocation and we are discussing for the moment this place to dream, and explore together the New Worlds emerging, from here and elsewhere
Located on the second floor of the house, the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with bar table and stools create the dining area open to the living room. The bathroom is furnished, the office/dressing room offers a separate space from the rest of the apartment. The small bedroom/library offers a bed and a chest of drawers integrated in a cherry woodwork. Terrace facing southwest.

Rental guarantee: 2 months. Individual meters. Rent 725€ Fixed charges including a fire insurance without recourse against the tenant: 53 €.
The cooperating resident agreement: in exchange for a 550€ deposit, allows you to become a member of the association; collaborative property management; mutualization: (shared wifi 13 €, shared laundry 30 €, garage 20 €); possibility of co-management and sharing of the multipurpose space. So, if you want to link your talents and projects with your living space, welcome.
Purchase option: To take the time to experience the collective with more commitment and participation, or if you don't have enough capital for the purchase: over 1, 2, or 3 years, this option allows you to transform your rent into an investment/savings on the basis of a rental yield of 4.8% gross. This with the guarantee of a purchase price agreed and fixed at the time of entry into rent, while the amount invested offers the advantage of a payment without bank interest over three years!
Purchase : 185.000 € : Welcome to a project based on "human value added", and a nice fair negotiation to create the house you want!... And probably more to the meeting of yours places around MissTerre...if you want it.
If you are interested (e) by this project, to speak about it and a small visit. Contact : Igor 0473400869