Co-housing in Heverlee

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Horacio Londono
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The idea is to divide the price of the rent and the services equally. The rent of the house is 850€. With internet, water, heating, electricity, insurances, it´s more or less 1100€. If we are two in the house, the rent would be split in half, around 550€. If the third room (small room) is also rented, it would be divided between the 3, adapting to the size of the room.
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zaterdag, 1 juni, 2019
Hi, hi, I´m currently living in a nice house in Leuven (Heverlee), but my current roommates are leaving the house. More information about the house: I would like to stay living at the same place, but to do so I would need to find new roommates to join me here, starting from the 1st of June. The house will be left unfurnished so the idea would be to furnish it together. A bit about myself, I´m a PhD student working at imec. I have been already living in Leuven for a while, in a shared house in Heverlee, but my current roommates are moving to Brussels and I should look for a new apartment. Right now, I´m in my third year of PhD, so I´ll be looking for a room for 1.5 to 2 years. Few random details: I´m 28, originally from Colombia, but living around Europe for the last 10 years. As a hobby, I´m into climbing, hiking and really like attending to live music performances. I am looking for a co-housing as it has gone pretty good for me in the past. I like sharing some life with others, as it helps adding a feeling of “home” to the place I live. It would be nice sharing it with nice roommates. Feel free to contact me. Horacio
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Oud-Heverleestraat, 54