STILL AVAILABLE: Great room in central modern apartment

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rent plus all additional costs (rent, fixed costs, WEG, Internet)
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zondag, 26 februari, 2017
Hi! We are currently looking for a third roommate to take my nice room in a brand-new apartment in Maria Theresiastraat 91, Leuven. My housemates are: Michiel, a third-year PhD candidate and pharmacist by training, and, Matias, a soon-to-be PhD student in Physics. They are both sociable, open-mined people and look for a roommate alike. The apartment has been completely renovated in the summer and meets the latest standards. There is a washing machine, 55 inch TV, dishwasher, two refrigerators, ventilation type D, high quality Internet access, and TV connection in the kitchen and livingroom etc. We also have a lot of storage space in the basement and the attic of the building, and a garage to store your bike. The area and surrounding apartments is / are particularly quiet. Plus, the location is great! You can follow a tour of the apartment on the Youtube link (the video and some pictures were made just after renting it and hence no furniture, but now the common living areas have the necessary furniture  ). The available room is 14 m2 and consists of two parts: one dressing and one part for bed, desk, book shelfs etc. It costs aprox. 450 euro per month (rent plus all additional costs). It is unfurnished but if needed, you could buy from me some of the furniture at a small price. Furthermore, we would prefer someone who likes to live in a clean place and that plans to rent the room for a longer term, at least a year. We also don’t allow smoking in the apartment or on the balcony. If you are interested in seeing the place, please let me know via email and add a short description about yourself as well ( ***It is possible to register at the city hall with the apartment address**** Cheers, Elena
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Maria Theresiastraat, 91